Opening Shedding Blade
Item # 750 - UPC #0-00842 00750-2
Inner Pack 6, Hang Tag
Reversible shedding blade with both a fine and course side. Blade opens to cover large areas, while interlocking handle provides tight and secure hold for smaller, hard to reach space.
Mane and Tail Brush
Single Sided Item # 3601 - UPC #0-00842 03601-4
Double Sided Item # 3616 - UPC #0-00842 03616-8
Inner Pack 6, Hang Tag
Versatile tools. Comfort tips on one side serve for the mane and tail. On the other - bristles soft enough to use as a face brush.
Mane and Tail Comb
Item # 754 - UPC #0-00842 00754-0
Inner Pack 6, Hang Tag
Durable plactic handle fits comfortably in hand, while 3" long teeth are perfect for detangling and adding volume.
Hoof Pick
Item # 760 - UPC #0-00842 00760-1
Inner Pack 6, Hang Tag
This solid and sturdy pick is dipped in vinyl and guaranteed not to rust. The hoof pick is designed for great control and comfort.
Fixed Shedding Blade/Sweat Scraper
Item # 751 - UPC #0-00842 00751-9
Inner Pack 6, Hang Tag
Innovative design incorporates two functions with lightweight, contoured handle for reduced wrist stress. Rubber sweat scraper on one side, gentle metal shedding blade on the other.
4-Ring Curry
Item # 752 - UPC #0-00842 00752-6
Inner Pack 6, Hang Tag
Product features both course and fine sides with a 12" outside loop. Tensioned for reversibility, the curry has a sturdy Santoprene® handle for comfortable grooming.
Plastic Sweat Scraper
Item # 756 - UPC #0-00842 00756-3
Inner Pack 6, Hang Tag
This 13" contoured scraper with comfortable Santoprene® handle quickly removes dirt and water for faster drying.
Metal Sweat Scraper
Item # 755 - UPC #0-00842 00755-7
Inner Pack 6, Hang Tag
Durable, contoured metal scraper features a vinyl-dipped handle for a secure grip in all conditions.