The Original Grooma® Groomer
Item # 710 - Denim
The 31 soft flexible fingers provide a wonderful massage while they penetrate deep into the coat to remove loose hair, dirt & scale effectively.
Lil' Grooma®
Item # 712 - Light Blue or Lavender
A smaller version of the original.
Grooma® Mane Master®
Item # 501 - Lime or Blue
We've designed the original for an even better comb at a better price! 100,000 horse lovers own a ManeMaster worldwide and swear it's the best tool they've ever owned. New super colours let yours stand out in the barn. Never pull a mane again!
Grooma® Dual Comb®
Item # 511 - Grey
Easy & Effective! The ultimate tool for mane and tail maintenance. The Dual Comb is designed to give the user the ability to cut the mane and tail or to pull the mane and tail if required.
Grooma® 3 'n 1 Picks
Item # 718 - Red, Yellow, Green or Blue
It's three tools in one: Smooth, round tip for safe, deep cleaning of frog, Wide scraper blade for cleaning hoof wall, Flat tip for cleaning sole.
Grooma® EasyWormer™
Item # 444
Now dosing any brand of worming paste is a certainty. Horse cannot spit out. No more waste. No more hassle. The right dose the first time - everytime. Free 60 cc optional use syringe for liquid drench or other remedies. Stop wasting money and putting your horse's health at risk. Vet approved and recommended.
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