HylaLube Pellets
HylaLube Pellets contains an advanced formula designed to support joint function for horses of all ages & activity levels.It provides key ingredients for joint fluid shock absorption & lubrication. Secondly it contains beneficial building blocks for healthy cartilage. Lastly it is pelleted with stabilized rice bran for ease of administration & uptake. LRVHP# NN.ABME

Sizes Available:
#SEL 367 2.5 lbs.1.14 kg. 20 day supply

#SEL 368 5 lbs. 2.27 kg.40 day supply

#SEL 369 10 lbs.4.54 kg. 80 day supply

HylaLube HA

HylaLube HA is an oral supplement containing Hyaluronan also know as Hyaluronic Acid (HA) for joint support. HA has been identified as the main consistency in joint fluid and is key to a healthy joint structure. HylaLube HA is in liquid form and provides a concentrated dose of 325 mg per 1 ounce. Now Lightly Flavored with Apple!

Sizes Available

Pint 16 Day Supply for 1 Horse

Quart 32 Day Supply for 1 Horse

Gallon 128 Day Supply for 1 Horse


Label Information

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