Natural herbs have always been associated with healing and better health. Imuno-Guard™ contains the most effective immune support nutrients, Garlic, and Ester-C®. Maintaining a strong immune system defense in your horse is not easy today. Daily exposure too environmental pollutants, the stress of competition and training, chemically treated feeds and forage, and the latest in infectious viral/bacterial mutations challenge your horse;s ability to stay healthy. The immune system defense is automatic and subconscious. A system that works on its own to fend off or neutralize disease toxins, and set up a healing environment for the horse. The immune system is most sensitive to nutrition deficiencies. That is why we try to supplement before infectious disease sets system function.

• Natural-Safe with no harmful side affects
• Ester-C®-Important antioxidant, immune system strengthening
• Garlic-Anti-viral, immune system strengthening
• Palatable-Easy to feed
Label Information
Available in:
#SEL 805 5 lbs. ..........................30-Day Supply

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