A liquid Nu-Image® Coat Conditioner
Select Opti-Coat™ is a nutritional equine supplement that includes high concentrations of fatty acids, biotin, selenium, and vitamin E in a highly palatable liquid form. It provides key nutrients for the growth of healthy, lustrous hair, mane, and tail. The Sebum stimulates the skin oils, where each hair is coated and causing them to lie flat and giving them shine and luster. Sufficient sebum is necessary to help and to lubricate the skin forming an oily protective barrier, which also inhibits the growth of harmful microorganisms. The stimulation of sebum can be done by brushing, but most importantly by the addition of the key nutrients in the horses diet. As a liquid form for our best selling Nu-Image™, there is no faster way to put a show quality coat, mane, and tail on your horse!


• Fatty Acid Fortified-Benefits coat quality
• Biotin-Supports hair growth
• Selenium and Vitamin E- Essential nutrients for hair and skin
• A liquid oil product
• Palatable and Easy to feed
• Naturally preserved
• Safe and Extended Shelf Life
• Excellent energy source

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No Longer Available in Canada

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