Why Supplement?
Select I™ & II™ are made using the finest ingredients with the highest bioavailability, no “secret” or “super” ingredients. Select I™ & II™ formulas are good, sound nutrition based on university research and data provided by the National Research Council. Select I &II formulas provide significant amounts of nutrients in a proper balance.
Conventional wisdom has it that a healthy horse, fed a common sense diet of good quality grain and hay, does not need supplements. That may not always be true. When you buy a vitamin/mineral supplement you buy insurance for your horse unless:
• Your horse has a specifically known deficiency.
• Your veterinarian or nutrishionist has diagnosed a nutritional related disease.
• You know your soil is lacking in some vital mineral.
This insurance becomes a “Good Buy” especially when you are feeding a growing youngster, a mare in foal or lactating, or a performance horse that is transported or shown. Considering the cost of feeding a fortified feed, a good basic ration supplemented with a god vitamin/mineral supplement is usually the least cost ration.

Why Two Formulas:
SELECT 1™ & II™?
Your horse better utilizes calcium and phosphorus when they are fed in certain ratios. Alfalfa hay is high in calcium and low in phosphorus, so a high phosphorus supplement like Select I™ is required to properly supplement grass hay or pasture rations. Now you can correctly supplement for the type of hay you are feeding rather than using a shotgun approach for all hays.
Why Expired Dating?
There is no way to determine, from the appearance of a product its vitamin potency. Equine vitamin and minerals are not different from their human counterparts, when you mix the two together you rapidly deplete the vitamin potency. After sixteen (16) months the fat soluble vitamins (A, D, & E) and beta-carotene, are far below guaranteed levels. For this reason Select I & II have expiration dating, eleven (11) months from the date of manufacture. This insures that Select I & II meets the guaranteed level of vitamins.

Features :
• Two Scientific Formulas
• Balanced Calcium and Phosphorus
• Significant Amounts of Calcium and Phosphorus-The most important macrominerals in equine nutrition
• Expired Dating
• Complete Guaranteed Analysis and Potency
• High Biotin Content-5 mg per day for improved hoof structure and growth
• Increased levels of Copper and Zinc, Bone Formation Zinpro™ Protienated Mineral Package-Organic Zinc, Copper, Cobalt, Manganese, and Iron for better bioavailability
• Rich fatty acid content good for the coat, mane, and tail
• Diamond V Yeast Culture promotes optimal digestion





5.66 lbs. ............... 30-day supply

15 lbs. .................. 80-day supply

28.3 lbs. ...............150-day supply

40 lbs. ..................213-day supply

#SEL 101 SELECT I 5.66 LB/2.54KG

#SEL 102 SELECT I 15 LB/6.81KG

#SEL 103 SELECT I 28.3 LB/12.83KG

#SEL 104 SELECT I 40 LB/18.14KG

Register# 820707

#SEL 201 SELECT II 5.66 LB/2.54KG

#SEL 202 SELECT II 15 LB/6.81KG

#SEL 203 SELECT II 28.3 LB/12.84KG

#SEL 204 SELECT II 40 LB/18.14KG


Select Vitamin and Mineral Supplements are formulated specifically for the ration you are feeding your horse, be it an adult animal or a foal. If you are feeding alfalfa to your horse (even if you are feeding a combination of alfalfa and grain hay), Select I will balance your Ca:P ratio. It will also supply all the other vitamins and minerals required to keep your adult horse functioning properly.
If you are feeding grain hay, grass hay, or on pasture, then Select II is the right product for your horse. This formula will give the extra Calcium and Phosphorus to guarantee adequate levels for your horse’s metabolism.
Broodmares present a special situation. During the last trimester of pregnancy, a mare needs even more Calcium, Phosphorus, Copper and Zinc. You should increase her daily dose of Select (either SelectI™ or Select II™ depending on your feeding program) during the last trimester up to 3 scoops (4.5 ounces) per day. Adding up to one-half pound (8 ounces) per head/day of Mare and Foal (either I or II to match the Select I or II you are using) will insure that optimum levels of essential minerals are available to her fetus.
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