What are Electrolytes?

Electrolytes are literally the spark of life at the cellular level. In the body electrolyte ions are passing in and out through each cell to perform very important tasks. Some of the more important bodily functions are:
• Moving Electrical Charges across Cells
• Nerve Response
• Electrical change in cells
• Balancing both pH and fluid levels

Stress-Pak™ contains the same mineral salts and in the exact balance lost in your horse’s sweat. The horse’s body is constantly trying to balance electrolytes in and out of the cells. Specific electrolytes are:
• Sodium
• Potassium
• Phosphorus
• Chloride
• Magnesium
• Calcium
• Bicarbonates

Stress-Pak™ electrolyte is provided in powder and in the Powerlytes Paste. The best application for Stress-Pak™ powder is to add it to your horses feed. It is not recommended to be mixed in the horses water for it is hard to control dosage and may lower water consumption. Stress-Pak™ Powerlytes Paste is a convenient oral syringe formulated with glucose for rapid absorption for critical electrolyte loss.

• Balanced Levels of mineral salts
• Proper Replacement of Mineral Salts lost in Sweat
• Easy to use- Convenient and quick
• Powerlytes Paste Glucose Enhanced for Rapid Absorption
• Value Priced-Low cost solution to Dehydration

Available in:
Powerlytes Paste ........................... 2 Dose
2 lb. Value Pack ..............160 Day Supply
10 lbs Powder. ................800-Day Supply

#SEL 207 Powerlyte Paste (2 Dose)

#SEL 208 2 Lbs. (160 Day Supply)

#SEL 209 10 Lbs. (800 Day Supply)

Some other stress factors that can deplete electrolytes and cause dehydration:
• Shipping/Trailering
• Illness
• Foaling
• Hard Work
• Sweat Loss
• High Heat and Humidity
• Trauma
• Nervousness
• Diarrhea
• Change in Climate/Altitude
• Intense Training
• Change in Training methods
• Change in Environment
• Fatigue
• Rancid Feed
• Antibiotics/Anthelmintics
• Drug Therapy*
• Metabolic Issues
* Lasix (Furosemide)
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