Vitamin E and Selenium
Vitamin E and Selenium ar interrelated and function together as a part of the multi-component antioxidant defense system. Select Vit-E-Sel™ is a powerful natural protector. Its primary function as a tissue antioxidant preventing generations of harmful free radicals. Oxygen Metabolism in the body produces these toxic “free radicals”. The antioxidant process converts the production of “free radicals” to harmless water. Vitamin E is the antioxidant agent, but is closely tied to selenium. Selenium has a sparing effect of vitamin E by making it more efficient. Selenium is also important to prevent white muscle disease in foals and tying up in mature horses.

• Optimum levels of Vitamin E and Selenium
• Safe and Effective
• Vitamin E Antioxidant-Important for muscle function and immune response
• Selenium-Prevents white muscle disease, tying up, sparring effect on vitamin E
• Palatable-Easy to feed
• Cost Effective- Affordable for everyday feeding

Label Information

#SEL 505 5 lbs 2.27kg..........160-day supply
#SEL 506 10 lbs 4.545kg........320-day supply


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