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A horse’s vital body fluids are lost during times of competition, heavy exercise, and during sickness. The use of electrolyte feed supplements can help replace these vital fluids and help eliminate dehydration. A well balanced supplement containing Calcium, Sodium, and
potassium is necessary to help eliminate weakness and fatigue. For use as a top dress feeding supplement or in the horse’s drinking water, ElctroDeLyte is available in apple, cherry, and orange flavors. The proper use of electrolytes can prevent some of the unnecessary costs of injections administered by veterinarians.


Environmentally Friendly.....

Available in 5 LB.....

Calcium (Min) 0.25%
Calcium (Max) 0.75%
Potassium (Min) 11.40%
Sodium 29.20%
(Sodium Chloride - Salt)
Magnesium (Min) 0.40%

Chloride 54.50%
(Sodium Chloride - Salt)
Carbonate 1.20%
Lactate 2.00%

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