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Equine Hoof Dressing Discontinued

The Ingredients in Animal Legends’ Equine Hoof Dressing have been used by farriers for decades. ALL horse’s hooves have cracks. Even the healthiest ones have them. Pine tar, fish oil, wheat germ oil, neatsfoot oil, povidone iodine and venice turpentine are all effective in keeping hooves healthy and restoring problem hooves to healthy ones.

Many leading hoof dressings are very thick and pasty, While providing some benefit, most of them only manage to treat and protect the outer surface of the hoof. Equine Hoof Dressing from Animal Legends not only protects and strengthens the outer hoof, it also penetrates through the hairline cracks.

By Penetrating the cracks,, these ingredients enter the hoof and begin treating the hoof from thee inside. The most effective strategy for promoting a healthy hoof is obviously through the continued use of a healthy nutritional program.. Problems will still occur. Prevention and treatment is still necessary, but this hoof dressing will provide you with the proper ingredients to get the job done properly.

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