Flicks Horse And Pet Spray
Eqine Hoof Dressing
Wheat Germ Oil Blend
LeucaLather Equine Shampoo
Tea Tree-ADE Skin Care Ointment
Tea Tree-ADE Skin Care Spray
RBC Plus
First Aid Kit


Silks Equine Shampoo
Silks Equine Shampoo is designed to simply clean a horse, It is an economical product that will get the dirt and dust from the horse and provide a nice appearance. Silks has no bells or whistles except that it simply does the job.

Silks II Equine Shampoo

This is an outstanding product with an unique addition.

Silks BLUE Whitening and Color Enhancing Shampoo
Whites will be whiter and colors will be deeper with a great contrast between colors. Gray horses will benefit from Silks BLUE as well as paints and any horse with white stockings. Compare Silks BLUE with other whitening or color enhancing
products on the market. Thee price is extremely attractive- especially when the results are seen.

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